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GMV Supers Star Pre-Owned Traps Targets Wireless Release Systems


Please note, GMV Super Star machines are no longer available. Please call for parts availability.


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G.M.V. ATM Singles & Doubles Trap

This fully automatic single arm Trap is a result of long time research, serious testing and modern engineering. It is changeable from singles to doubles in minutes and its gentle handling of the targets results in minimum breakage. The base will fit your existing Winchester Western 1524 bolt pattern, thus making it easy to install. This fully electric and mechanically driven automatic Trap has very few moving parts, and many adjustments to give you the best target presentation possible.

ATM (American Trap Machine)
ATM (American Trap Machine) Wobble Option

G.M.V 274T American Trap

This machine is equipped with an interrupter conforming to A.T.A. regulations. The thrower has an oscillating movement with an adjustable range between 1 and 90 degrees. The target distance is easily adjusted for use in sporting clay layouts.

G.M.V. 296T Wobble Trap

This machine is the same as the G.M.V 274T with an added wobble feature for simulated Olympic trap.
The vertical motor can be shut off to allow for perfect American style trap targets.

G.M.V 455S Skeet Set


G.M.V 466S Sporting

The G.M.V. 466S has the same features as our G.M.V. 455S. It is a single unit with 24V release.

G.M.V 477S Sporting

The G.M.V. 477S has the same features as our G.M.V. 455S with the exception that it is a single 12V unit with 12V release.

G.M.V. 566T Springing Teal 110V


G.M.V. 577T Springing Teal

The G.M.V. 577T is the same as the G.M.V. 566T with the exception that it is a 12-volt machine with 12-volt release.

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